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June 11th, 2013, 06:25 PM
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I confess that last night I teared up just looking at the baby doppler. I am very happy to have Ellianna here safe in my arms. Hormones though - ugghh. Three children are perfect. I really do not want any more. I am certain in our decision for DH to get the nip. That said, I tear up thinking that I will never feel another kick in my belly, that I will never "communicate" with a baby inside of me. With all the discomfort, there is something so special about having a baby inside of you. I wanted Ellianna to come on Saturday as I was getting so dilated that I was concerned about an unassisted birth. That said, I somehow felt cheated out of the last two weeks (I know that sounds really frustrating to those dealing with the final weeks of pregnancy).

Long story to say that I am thrilled to have my daughter but a little sad to know that I will never be pregnant again.

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