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June 12th, 2013, 05:00 AM
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I've never had pitocin during labor, so I am clueless there. But I am also slightly worried even with this one being my third. My first labor was 8 hours but I had an epidural as soon as I could get it. The second one I chose a NCB and luckily my body complied. Of course labor was only 90 minutes and an absolute breeze. I'm nervous that #3 can't possibly be that easy. I am nervous about everything that could come up from going overdue (I think they wouldn't discuss induction until 41w) to my water breaking without contractions. Every labor is different and the fear of the unknown is normal. But we just have to try to focus on the end result.

Add me to the list of getting pitocin after both previous births. Mine is because I bleed a lot and they use it to get it stopped. They have always tried just pushing on my uterus first but it's never been enough to stop it.

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