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June 12th, 2013, 07:03 AM
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I don't know if it is just pregnancy hormones making me feel this way or not. I have a feeling it is not.

My cousin is 11 months younger than I am and we have never really gotten along very well. Honestly I think it is because I was the first born grandchild and she is jealous of that. Let me explain....
She is the type of person that has to out-do every one around her. What ever you have she will go out and make sure that she buys the "one step up from that version". She is in nursing school right now and her dh is making the money in the family. They have 2 teenage (ages 12 and 14), a mortgage payment, credit card payments out the wazoo, 2 truck payments, an outstanding loan to her paternal grandmother (she is my cousin on our maternal grandmothers side) for over 10k for an RV that the woman bought for her. Her dh told my grandmother that they are over 75k in debt. She threw a fit not too long ago because her dh wouldn't help her purchase a $65k car. Not sure what kind it was, but I thought that was ridiculous. Her and her dh are both raging alcoholics. Honestly neither one of them go more than a day or two without getting drop to the floor drunk. Oh and she will ONLY talk to me at family functions if she is drunk. Otherwise she sticks her nose up in the air and won't acknowledge me. Her dh on the other hand has a real problem keeping his hands to himself. One Thanksgiving day I was walking into my aunts house with a very hot dish of food for our dinner. My hands were totally full. He came up behind me and grabbed both of my breasts. He is disgusting and I can't stand being around him.

I personally don't agree with the way that she raises her kids. Yes they do get on the honor roll every semester, but if they don't then she will spank them. I mean really spank them too. She is really big on spanking. If they do or say something that she doesn't like she will haul off and backhand them through the face. I can't imagine living that way.

Her mom on the other hand is my aunt and one of my very close friends. When her hubby left her about 10 years ago she would confide in me all the time instead of her daughter, which I am sure you can imagine made her dislike me even more. Her mom is the sweetest person and wouldn't dream of mistreating a child. She will discipline, but it is done fairly and logically.

Well last Wednesday night my oldest son asked if he could go spend the night with Sean (my mean cousin's son, they are the same age). He told me that they would not be going to her house to stay, but would be staying at my aunts house. I was fine with that. I just do not want him in my cousin's house if I am not there. I was under the impression that everything went fine. I get a text later in the day on Thursday from mean cousin that she wants Tristen to call Sean when he gets home from school. OK, we can do that. I hear Tristen's conversation and he keeps telling Sean the same thing over and over and has a very confused look on his face. Apparently my aunt had let them go to my cousins house for about an hour that day before she brought Tristen home.

About an hour later my cousin shows up at my grandmothers house (the grandma that had 3 heart attacks the Thursday before this). She said that she was bringing Tristen's cell phone home because he told me he had left it at her house. I had asked her to give it to her mom to bring to me over the weekend. I don't let Tristen go to friend's houses unless he has his cell phone and he was supposed to go to a big bday sleepover for his best friend on Friday night.

She proceeds to tell us that Tristen had cracked the screen on her son's Ipod, and it wasn't the first time that he had done something like that and lied about it. Now that right there was strange to me. I have never heard Tristen lie about anything. He is actually a horrible liar. He has tried to lie to me before and he just can't do it. His voice gets all funny and his face has a silly look on it. He is just a bad liar, plus I had heard the convo with Sean on the phone and I was pretty darn sure that Tristen hadn't done it. He told Sean that the Ipod was laying beside his bed on the floor and when Tristen saw it he picked it up to play some games on it. He said the screen was already cracked then. We asked her how she knew that Tristen had done it and it wasn't already done. Her response was "because I beat it out of Sean, just like last time when the PSP got broken".

WTH, I would have lied and said someone else did it too if someone was beating it out of me. I would have came up with any excuse I could think of to make her stop.

I asked Tristen about the PSP when I went home and he told me that Sean had told him that he dropped it off the top bunk in the RV while they were camping and that's how it got broken. Tristen doesn't go camping with them, he isn't allowed. I think Sean broke it, brought it home and when his mom started "beating it out of him" he told her that Tristen had done it since he had been at a family bbq down there the same day that she found it broken.

I have now decided that I will never have anything to do with her again. I will not speak to her or include her in any family oriented thing that I do. My children will not be allowed to play with hers anymore. If I can't trust my aunt to keep him at her house when she says that is where they are going then I don't think that I should let my aunt have much to do with their lives either.

Am I over reacting here by still being super pissed off? Am I acting like a totally irrational momma bear?

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