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June 12th, 2013, 07:16 AM
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I don't think so at all, I would be reacting the same way! It sounds like your cousin has some serious issues and keeping her a part of your life involves lots of drama. I have people in my life like this and sometimes it is easier to just cut your ties with them instead of stress yourself out trying to have a relationship. That is too bad that you can't even trust the aunt to keep the kids at her house when she says she will.

I know some parents roll their eyes when a family member goes against what they say for example a grandmother giving your kids candy and sugar after you said not to. I am not one of those parents. I am a pretty firm believer that I am responsible for my own kids and if I am going to trust someone else to temporarily be responsible for them, they better respect my wishes! If I told someone not to allow my child to do something and they did anyway, I would seriously reconsider allowing my child to go back over. Even if it is something small, I think it is a majorly disrespectful to go against a parents wishes. It might start out as something small but once that trust is gone it would be hard for me to feel comfortable in that situation for awhile.
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