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June 12th, 2013, 07:57 AM
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Hope: I know you're in a bad place. And mostly it's best to roll around in that play ground together. But I want to offer up a thought.

A lot fertility issues are "subfertility" not sterility. You have all gotten pregnant. Which means you CAN. The mystery is why aren't the pregnancies continuing. And for that, there is hope. Keep modifying. Keep searching for answers. Keep looking for another provider, one that will listen to you. Keep trying. Subfertility means eventually, it will work. Maybe with a little help. Maybe further down the road than you had planned.

I have hope for you.
I'm sorry this is a dark time.

(Please don't see this as mean or rude. It comes from a compassionate place. I understand feeling down. And when I'm down, I wish someone would say anything (realistic) to boost me up. So this is where I'm coming from. A place of love for ladies suffering the heartbreak of multiple loss.)
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