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June 12th, 2013, 08:10 AM
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Sometimes they go through a period of increased night-waking when they're going through a sudden burst of cognitive development. I know that Beau was going totally crazy with the night-waking when he had his vocabulary explosion a couple of weeks ago, but now things have calmed down again for him somewhat.

The other thing that really helped for us was switching to having my DH put him to bed at night instead of me. When it was me nursing him to sleep, then whenever he would wake up in the night he would expect me to still be there and would freak out if I wasn't. But when DH took over putting him to sleep (because I was pregnant and sick and just couldn't physically do it any more), he seemed to get more used to going to sleep without nursing, and then when he woke up in the night he was able to self-soothe better.

I hope that this is just a phase for you, and that she starts sleeping better soon!

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