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June 12th, 2013, 09:42 AM
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Things are very different for me than most of you because dh and I are both 41 and 43 years old. We see Emma as such a unexpected blessing, surprise in our age after no babies for almost 8 years. I know you ladies see your babies as blessings to but we never thought we could have more children and we knew once we found out we were pregnant we knew this most likely would be our last baby because we are older and my infertility. So we do just about everything together for Emma and usually have an audience around to watch as we still have several kids at home.
Dh works from home. He has 3 jobs now but mostly computer type jobs.So when a kid is sick he takes them to the doctors or we both do. When Emma goes we usually both go and make a fun day of it. LOL He is very hands on with all the children. It was not always like this . We married at 16 and 18 and those were tough times with a one year old and another on the way 2 years later.
He is lucky I "allowed" him to live during those years. LOL..
He also does a bit of the homeschooling and is really enjoying it now that the children are older. He loves all the political debates and funny things they do and say about their ideas on every topic. He is very close with our children and I am a very grateful blessed woman. He does 99% of grocery shopping and cooking.
He used to be gone 2 and a half weeks out of the month for several years and feels so sad that he missed so much. The money was great and allowed us to live a life style that many only dream about. However it was not worth it for our family and we sold everything and he came home full time. Money is so tight at times but we all agree we would not do this any other way as long as we can.Also my dh had to have dialysis several months back for NO reason other than kidneys crapping out so we feel we had a very big wake up call and second chance to do things in this life that matter because death is just a heartbeat away for all of us.......... oh, After several weeks of his kidney failure they are working on their own.
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