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June 12th, 2013, 12:33 PM
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I'm sorry you are down, but I can relate. Not the the teenagers part as mine are still little, but I have a short fuze with them and I feel like their attitudes and behaviors are changing in response to the stress in our life.

We're moving out of state at 38 weeks which will take us away from a parent with a terminal illness. Due to that and several other things, I've been dealing with insomnia this entire pregnancy. The occassional night that I get a little more sleep than normal, I can just tell how much it changes my outlook and ability to respond well to my children. I've never had PPD, but I've certainly had some baby blues. Based on where I am already, we are seriously considering starting zoloft as soon as baby is born. I talked it through with my midwife, and I basically have almost every risk factor for PPD and I want to be sure I can care for myself and my family. And I know we'll be pretty isolated for a while between the move and baby. I need to get some recommendations for a counselor as well. I know when I actually have a newborn, I'm not likely to take the time to take care of myself (or find the resources to do so), so I want to have a plan in place already.
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