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June 12th, 2013, 04:27 PM
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That was a rather pathetic update, wasn't it?

My husband - Settling into his new location very nicely. He's still pretty much doing the same job he did before just from TX rather than the DC area. He is enjoying the much more laid back atmosphere here. Jeans and polo shirts are perfectly acceptable work attire. He will probably start doing the compressed work schedule soon (8 9-hour days, 1 8-hour day, and 1 day off every 2 weeks) and possibly start working from home a day or two a pay period.

Me - Going crazy keeping all of our doctor and dentist appointments straight. Everybody needs teeth cleanings and since they had to squeeze us in everyone has appointments on different days. And of course Ani and Cameron have orthodontist appointments. Anihas to see a neurologist next month about her migraines. I've also been working on getting the house organized. I am very close to resigning as a chef and just letting everyone have cereal in the mornings and PB&J in the afternoons. They are rarely impressed with what I make and end up eating those things anyway. It'd save money right?

Ani - Auditioned for a creative writing magnet on Monday. She learned about them a while back and we sent in her portfolio last month. She had to provide a bunch of samples of her writing, write an essay about why she wanted to attend the magnet/what she could offer to the program, and send in a bunch of things like report cards and recommendations from people. Monday she wrote something using some words from a list they gave her and had an interview with the director and two other authors. Today we got a call that she got in! So Monday we go an register her for 9th grade. She'll have 2-3 creative writing specific classes a day and the rest mixed in with the regular high school. We may have a small fight on our hands since she should be entering 8th by age, but we have test scores and a portfolio supporting that she has completed 8th and so far no one seems to think going into 9th is an issue. We'll see Monday I guess. Right now she is at camp until Saturday so she doesn't even know she got into the magnet program. I texted her best friend (who will also be doing the creative writing magnet starting next year) so even her friend knows before her.

Cameron - Is learning a lot about computers and spends a lot of time on Minecraft. He's not looking forward to starting 6th grade in the fall. He'll have a special reading class just for dyslexics. Hopefully that'll be good for him. He goes to camp next week. It's just a 3 day day camp full of 11 year old boys.

Fritz - Will be 7 in just one month. He still loves math and his reading is catching up nicely. He loves that we have a room full of empty boxes from our move. That room will be my parents' room, but they aren't moving here for another year so we figure the boys can play with those boxes as long as they want. Yesterday we added huge washer and dryer boxes to the collection. He'll be going into second grade, but they told us that if we want to we can challenge him into 3rd after the school year starts. I lean toward NOT doing that because he is already on the young side for second grade and not extremely mature for his age. I guess once school starts we'll decide. They tend to teach to the top of the class here and the kids all rise to meet that level. School is very different here than it was where we used to live. I could give my kids a better education at home there. Here... possibly not.

Adrian - Will be 5 a week from today. He is very excited about going to kindergarten. His reading ability has taken off recently. He loves watching Super Why on the PBS Kids channel on the Roku. He has always been a typical youngest. Very laid back and quite immature compared to other kids his age with younger siblings. In the last few weeks he had noticeably matured.

So there you go. Real updates lol

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