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June 12th, 2013, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Aenyx View Post
Oh my! How old is your sister? How long had they been talking? D
My sister just turned 23 May 30th. I think about 3 months.

Luckily she's safe and he seems like an okay guy. One of my biggest fears was she really didn't know who the guy was as he could be posing as anyone. My sister got a loan (least that's what she said) and is staying in a motel currently - just strange! She has no friends in Ohio and had lots in Texas so she wants to move back to TX with him. But, he has no job or work experience and they don't know where they are going to live/stay. I don't think my sister (or the guy) really knows what exactly their plans are. I just try and be the best sister I can be but I sometimes don't really know what to say.
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