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June 13th, 2013, 06:10 AM
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Hi! Discipline really can be quite the challenge at this age. Even if they know better than to hit, they don't have good self control yet. But hitting or hurting anyone in my house is a big offense. We have a "you hit, you sit" policy. I don't give the kids any kind of time limit for having to sit. I say "Hitting hurts. You hit, you sit. When you've calmed down and are ready to apologize you can come out." When Zane comes out if he is calm and give "loves" to whoever he hurt and apologizes then we move on. If he comes out and is screaming or not being nice, I sit him back down and repeat the policy. "Hitting hurts. You hit, you sit....." Normally, I don't have to repeat the process. But when we first started doing it with him I had to sit him back down a few times until he realized I meant business.

This process can work for other things besides hitting as well. Just replace the you hit, you sit with whatever the offense was.

And there are lots of things that toddlers can have autonomy you want to wear the orange shirt of the blue shirt? Do you want a banana or grapes for snack? Giving them choices (limiting to 2 is probably the best at this age) can help them feel like they have some control in their life. Other things are non-negotiable. Hitting, running into the road....

Yesterday Zane was trying to start a power struggle with me. I was making brownies and he was helping. He kept wanting to touch the mixer though and I don't want him touching it, because it is dangerous. But he just kept reaching out and putting one finger on it after I asked him not to. I got down to his level and was about to firmly tell him not to touch it again, but then I just smiled at him and asked him if he liked helping me make the brownies. He said yes and smiled back at me. After that he didn't touch it again. I just stopped fighting with him and distracted him for a second and he got over his need to be in control. lol

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