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June 13th, 2013, 08:45 AM
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Aw. I love the long update!

Here is mine in a nutshell.
Me: Terrible. 3rd case of mastitis since Fiona was born, feeling physically and mentally just awful.

Fiona: Absolutely perfect. Thank God. She is a trooper, sleeps very well and only complains when in a carseat where she screams her bloody head off the whole ride. Which makes for very little getting out of the house, but whatever, I am not that up to it anyway.

DH: Working a lot, plus trying to keep up the house so I can try to recover every time I get sick. A few golf outings scheduled which I envy, but I am trying to keep him pacified to take care of the rest of us.

Hugo: Despite lack of a lot of activities now he's making his own stuff to do. Favorite thing lately is making "whiteprints" (blueprints doesn't make sense to him if the paper is white- LOL). He draws what he wants to build out of Lego/Playmobil figures then builds it. Getting a pen pal to keep up his good handwriting stamina. Taking great care of his sister and things around the house when I am not able- getting burp cloths or a drink for me, singing to the baby when fussy, etc. I signed him up for a mini performing arts camp the week after I go back to work.

Sergio: Was super passionate about swim lessons when they were taking them last month. Signed them back up for next month when DH can do the driving back and forth. He makes up games with Hugo every day and they do really well together about 90% of the time. S holds his own when his brother antagonizes him but he does his fair share of the antagonizing too. They have different personalities but they balance each other. He loves to talk to "Fifi" every day and asks to carry her so I have to watch out.
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