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June 13th, 2013, 12:56 PM
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Inyourhonor, I didn't know we lived so close to eachother!! That is so crazy.

Lol yeah we both are the out doorsie types. We both love hunting and all that. I would love a huge garden and grow all our own veggies fruits. Right now we have an apple and a pear tree, its amazing. But eventually we want to move have a nice house, not super huge or anything, just big enough to have a few kids and nice family room, things like that. With lots and lots and lots of land. To hunt and play and have a pool and everything. That's what we are shootin for.

And yeah that's exactly it. I want to be self sufficient. Besides all the food now is so processed, it can't be good for you. I try to stay all natural but you spend 3 times the amount for it. We want cows, chickens, pigs, horse, basically a whole farm.
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