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June 13th, 2013, 02:31 PM
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Yes, it really is getting close, isn't it? I have had some Braxton Hicks, no major false alarms though. How about you?

Good luck moving your little one to her room. DS loves his -- I'm so glad. We're still working on wrapping up some house projects -- definitely making progress. I'm afraid we may still have all of our ugly wallpaper when the baby arrives. Not that baby cares, but I do! Maybe just maybe we'll at least get rid of the stuff in the front entry.

My week by week appointments are starting this week. I'll have the Group B test Friday, as well as a check to see if I've dilated. I'm actually hoping to skip next week's appointment if all is well Friday; even if I do, the next one is only another10 days away. Good enough for me! I also hope not to do too much "checking". I've been taking DS to appointments with me, which is so much more convenient, but I don't want to do that for cervical checks. He's getting too active and curious for my comfort. I'm not modest with him but I have my limits! Also I remember cervix checks being pretty painful, and I'm not really sure what the point of them is. Glad your appointment went well. It's nice that at least you can't see the extra weight, since you were hoping not to gain. My hairdresser told me she once gained 30 lb without realizing it -- she's just built to hide it. She was not even pregnant.

Are you all doing anything special for Father's Day? So far DH's only request so far is to go out to brunch, which is nice for all of us. On Saturday I'm planning to do my last freezer-stocking cooking session. It has been a nice mellow week for cooking, because we've been eating up all the stuff I froze a while ago, making room for a bit more new stuff. So, that's all of our weekend plans so far. Oh, and we're stopping by a neighbor's party. It's really for a nonprofit that she's affiliated with, but I guess the neighbors are invited as a courtesy? We'll probably take turns popping in, but I have no plans to dance the night away. Falling asleep while trying to read a book at 9 is more like it!

Hope you have a good weekend, too!
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