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June 13th, 2013, 05:14 PM
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my son was super excited about a new baby before we found out the gender. he really, really wanted a brother. he (we) bought a mini baseball and bat, baseball outfits and a baseball blanket for "him". but when i told him she's a girl he got pretty upset. he kept saying that maybe they were wrong and maybe it could still be a boy. i felt so bad for him.

i told him that he could still teach his new little sister all about baseball. and even though she is a girl she'll still be following him around and looking up to him. my niece is about 4 years younger than my son and she constantly follows him around and wants to be just like him. she begged her parents to let her play softball just because her cousin was playing baseball. it was so cute that evening after i told everyone "it's a girl" my niece told my son she would trade him her 1 year old brother for his new baby sister.

my son's solution... i could just have another baby right after this one. haha kids
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