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June 13th, 2013, 06:40 PM
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I really need to vent. DH and I bought a house a few months ago and closed on 4/12/13. A week later we had a tree come down in our yard. It wasn't a huge one, but we had to call a tree removal company and pay $600 out of pocket. Then last week we got horrible rains from TS Andrea and our backyard creek flooded. Almost reached the house and almost took out or AC unit and water heater located in the crawlspace, but didn't. Just let us with a huge soggy mess in our backyard.

Then a few hours ago we got severe damaging winds and had 3 GIANT trees come down in a domino effect. They thankfully missed our house, but our fence is demolished an so is our backyard shed. One of the trees is hanging all the way over our neighbors house and we're afraid it's going to snap and crash into them at any moment. I called every emergency tree removal service in the phonebook, and they're all too booked to even look at the tree in the next 24 hours. I called our homeowners insurance to find out that they completely cap tree removal at $500. I can't imagine the cost to remove these trees being less than $4,000. We really can't afford it. Every cent we had saved to carry us through leave without pay during maternity leave is going to have to go towards that.

I'm just so frustrated.
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