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June 14th, 2013, 01:59 AM
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So I went to the doctor and it wasn't as helpful as I thought it might be but it looks like after I get some testing done then she will refer to a gynaecologist at the nearest hospital to me which is about half way between work and home. She didn't seem to know much and was all "your luteal phase stays the same, it's the days before O that change". Um... yeah I know that's the whole freakin problem!! Is it just me or do you get the impression that the doctors think we are dumb as a box of rocks? I wouldn't be saying that my luteal phase is getting shorter if I didn't have a good reason to think so. Hell if I didn't chart I would have no idea. Also she was all it doesn't really matter about luteal phase as long as you are ovulating. Um what the ***?! She didn't seem to reckon I should do CD3 bloodwork but oh well when I get this bloodwork and testing done she will give me a referral to a doc at the public hospital down there which should make it nowhere near as costly as if I sourced a private one myself. Also she was all would you rather do it with a proper doctor who will analyse it or do you want to try and interpret it yourself? Ugh. Here is what I am looking at getting with my blood tests tomorrow:
thyroidy stuff: TSH, E/LFTs and FBE (I'm due to get THS checked again anyways as it was low or high one time, whichever one means my thyroid is going slow)
Polycystic ovary bloodwork, will just write out what the sheet says because I don't understand much of any of it: fasting glucose, E/LFT, Insulin, Prolactin, SHBG, Testosterone, Urine cortisol: 24 hour, DHEAS
Also given paperwork to get a pelvic ultrasound.

Anyone know what some of the weirder ones are? The letter ones mostly, the words are fairly straightforward. I know THS is thyroid stimulating hormone but that's about it. Also I am going to get the bloodwork tomorrow, should I get the ultrasound now or should I wait until AF is over? I have no idea when I am meant to do it. I guess I will go over and ask them but a bit of insight from the girls here might be good too .

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