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June 14th, 2013, 02:05 AM
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A day late....
Whine: Sleep is all over the place in this house. By all of us. DS#1 sometimes naps, sometimes doesn't, still kind of needs to....Lew is still a terrible sleeper, and most of that is related to his apnea. I am all over the place, too. But.....

WOOHOO: My CRAZY 4 week class is over. I did an entire semester of Anatomy and Physiology in 23 days. The class met 8 times, and we had tests 6 of those. It was intense. I ended up with a B. That is a bit hard for me since I always want to get As, but with that craziness....a B is awesome.

Lew, 1, DSD Lauren, 18, and Chuck, 4
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