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June 14th, 2013, 04:02 AM
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I have had one abnormal reading and one normal reading so I have to get it checked every six months apparently. I do have a fair few symptoms of my thyroid being a bit slow and yeah if it has gone downhill that could be half the problem. At least I suppose the treatment for slow thyroid is a lot easer than the treatment for too fast. Pretend I have an excuse for getting a bit fat . It is good that I will get referred to a real OBGYN after getting these tests done and they will also reinterpret the results I'd imagine and do all their own tests. On the upside when we get bloodwork done abnormal stuff gets highlighted lol. Honestly as soon as she was all "no we don't need to do any CD3 bloodwork, just the day 21 test for progesterone to see if you are ovulating. That's all that would need to be done" I was pretty sold on just getting the appt for the referral and that's about it. Let a real doctor who might actually know some real stuff on the reproductive system sort me out. I just hate when I am made to feel dumb when I feel like I know my stuff pretty well. Don't look at me in that patronising manner and ask me why I think my luteal phase is shorter and pay stuff all real attn to when I give examples of why.

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