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June 14th, 2013, 04:24 AM
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Honestly some doctors are complete quacks and do not understand infertility. I had one doctor before my GYNO that was a quack... of course I was in a different area than I am now BUT dang he made me feel so stupid for coming in after we had been trying for over a year....Then i met my amazing GYNO who wanted me to go to the RE right away.... but I put it off.. Now here we are almost 5 years later getting the treatment we need

You sometimes have to advocate for yourself and push where no one else will. I am uncertain about some of the blood work but more over it is testing your egg reserve and quality.

I so cannot wait to hear what your results are BTW the TTC with MA board ladies are like pros when it comes to different hormones and treatments of those... LASH/Lauren is a woman who has the most insight so you may want to PM her because she is so knowledgeable on all things TTC with MA Lucy will also have WAY more insight than myself

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