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June 14th, 2013, 07:14 AM
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Ok, a little background. I have PCOS, but that hasn't stopped me from conceiving three children with no trying whatsoever. Earlier this year, I decided to get the Mirena but my OB/GYN wants me to be having AF so it's easier to slide in. So the IUD is sitting in their office waiting for me! Well, I haven't had AF since April 7th. Even with the PCOS, I'm never THIS late. DH has been pulling out (sorry, TMI). I've taken a handful of tests - all negative. However, the dollar store $1 test I took yesterday at work is giving me mixed feelings. I took it on my lunch break at work, and it looked negative after 3 mins so I stuck it in my drawer. I looked at it again this morning and there's a very obvious PURPLE line. If I had my camera on me or had a camera phone, I'd post a pic. I didn't think evaps could be this obvious. I mean, it's quite a bit lighter than the control line, but it's there. Anyone have this happen with these types of tests? I would think an evap would be a colorless squinter, if anything. Or maybe the test is defective?

Even with AF being absent so long, I really don't think I O'd until early June. I normally feel pain mid-cycle and we did DTD in early June, so it's quite possible.
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