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June 14th, 2013, 02:58 PM
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I went into Labor on Mother's day, I woke up about 7am and was having some very mild contractions so i went back to sleep. Woke back up to start my day about 9 or 10, they were still very mild. I didn't do much at all the rest of the day, just lie in bed and watch t.v they might have been mild but still uncomfortable. I tryed to get sleep in here and there, but just wasn't happening so around 8pm we went out to eat (Chinese) that and walking i think really kicked my labor in the butt and really got things going. We got home around 10pm, i took a bath thinking maybe it would relax me a little cause now the contractions were starting to hurt. I would have to stop and hold my stomach every time i got one, after my bath i watched a little more t.v before trying to sleep around 11pm. But was awoken ever 10 mins cause of contractions i some how manged to get to 2 am like that before i said to heck with it and go to the hosp. When we got there i was already a 5cm, but now the contractions were ever min apart. 3am she comes to check me and im still 5cm, so i ask for my epi about 3:30 he comes in and i get it in and im so happy no more pain... about 4:30am she checks me again cause the pain was starting to come back, and i was a 7-8cm and i was yelling at the nurse to give me more meds cause i couldn't take the pain anymore it was getting worse, only to find out within a matter of mins i was a 10..and ready to push. Took the doctor seemed like forever to get upstairs but he finally did, and within 2 pushes i had my baby girl. I guess this is rare but when she was born her cord was very very short so they couldn't even lay her on my belly when she was born they had to cut it right off, and then put her on me. So daddy got to miss out on that.

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