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June 14th, 2013, 03:24 PM
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I've already posted in other boards, but might as well post here too
I took my last birth control pill May 4 and got my period the 8th. My partner and I are trying to conceive so after 4 years I have stopped taking birth control. After research I've found that it can take months for your period to become regular again, but I also know some women conceive within weeks after stopping. Anywho, my partner and I have sex OFTEN. And by often I mean at least 5 days a week (unprotected), sometimes twice a day. While I haven't had a period since May 8th, I have been experiencing some symptoms starting about a week and a half ago. I'll just list them lol
-slightly sore nipples that lasted a couple days (last week, but this has returned today)
-random stuffy nose and postnasal drip
-fatigue (specifically falling asleep earlier)
-headaches and dizziness everyday
-cramps when I would have gotten my period (June 5)
-a tiny spot of blood on May 31st
-stomach aches and pains (especially after eating)
-shortness of breath
-bloated stomach (I'm skinny so you can REALLY tell the difference)
Now with all this said I took a test Yesterday morning and the results were one (very faint) line indicating negative (a + means positive, I got a -). Anyone with an experience close to mine know the chances of me being pregnant? HELPP!
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