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June 14th, 2013, 08:01 PM
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I am 5'10"ish (a little over) and DH is 5'8"

Liam is pretty steady in the 70th percentiles for height. I would say he will be about my height full grown, 5'10-5'11". He is taller than my husband at each stage, but only by an inch or two.

Kieran is very tall. My brothers are both rather tall (6'3" and 6'6") and he seems to be following their patterns (particularly the taller one). I think he might slow down and not quite be as tall as my youngest brother, but for now, he trends in the 99th percentile and has since birth. I anticipate he will be at least 6'3".

Jo is yet to be seen, although seems to be sticking to having some height on her. She is plenty long and is just growing longer. I'll be curious if she remains in the 90th percentiles for height.
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