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June 14th, 2013, 10:46 PM
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I have taken my son (4 1/2 months) riding 4 times with me. The first time he was about 3 months old and I was using a sling inside our local arena, the second and third time i had him sitting on my lap with his feet over the saddle, and the fourth time he was on my back in a sling on a trail ride...he loved everytime and my horse did amazing. I feel as though many people talking about this topic have no horse experience and are just reacting to that video (which I haven't seen). I have been riding for 17 years and have had my horse for 13 years that I do rodeo on. He is a great horse but can be hott at times- however, never to the point where i felt uncomfortable putting my son on the horse with me. If anything, a child (in my opinion) would be more safe on the horse with an experienced riding as opposed to being held up their. Usually when horses spook they jump sideways not rare up (with their feet in the air), and holding on to a baby in your lap is much easier than trying to hold the baby on a horse that is taller than you and moving away from you quickly. They are flight animals, but most just move sideways when they spook and look to see what it was and then go from their...they dont just dart away. Also, having someone lead a rider and a baby is a good idea, but not necessarily having many people around the horse- that will just make the horse nervous and increase the likelyhood of the horse spooking. If your calm the horse is calm. If you dont have experience with riding or your horse is new or just a spooky horse in general, then yea, taking your infant riding is NOT good idea- but for experienced riders with good horses, i think it is completely fine! Also, like anything, getting the horse exposed to a baby is aid in their desensitization just like getting the baby used to horses. the more your do it the more comfortable they will be.

Also- the bit on staying balanced...what a joke! something that small and close to you will not necessarily make you off balance- as long as your walking and not trying to do some speed or agility event then i don't think that really comes into play. I agree that many riders are not balanced riders and sure the horse can become uncomfortable- but not with a small baby- how do you think trick riding horses manage the rider? they adjust just like the rider does.

I am all for taking your baby riding, as long as it is in a safe environment and the rider and horse as experienced.
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