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June 15th, 2013, 10:06 AM
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Oh man seriously Heidi I cant believe that I had so much reservation about getting B out of our room. There are 3 of my kids that I have had the 'issue' with letting go. She totally loves it and has been so easy on me too. I just love the freedom of our room back too.
So I cant believe we put it off but happy its done now. Glad things went smoothly for you guys too. Our babies dont say babies do they?

I havent had any false labor scares either thankfully. But I am physically done with pregnancy. Oh and I just notices last night that some of my bangle bracelets I have on that done come off are snug. uuugg...the weight gain is showing there I guess??

Sounds like you a great weekend planned and getting some meals cooked is something I should be doing but havent. We are going to be out doing some things with the kids and then Im suppose to be back early evening for my massage. Then tomorrow will be out visiting some and the hopefully if its not too late and Im not too tired we will grab some groceries.

Enjoy your book!!
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