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June 15th, 2013, 12:23 PM
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Avery (22 months) is just starting to tantrum.

Yesterday we were heading somewhere on foot, and she didn't want to go in the direction we needed to- she wanted to go the other way. I tried waiting, I tried calling her to come, I went and got her and held her hand to come with me and she kept trying to walk the other way. then she started to tantrum and scream because I wasn't letting her go that way. I ended up having to carry her kicking and screaming the whole way where we were going (it was only 1 block).

Half way there I tried putting her down, saying I know you are upset honey, but we have to go this way, etc. No help.

She kept tantruming when we arrived at our destination, until she saw her grandpa.

Any mamas with older babies have any tips for dealing with tantrums!? What should I have done? It wasn't so bad carrying her one block, but if we were going farther I couldn't have carried her.

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