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June 16th, 2013, 07:04 AM
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Hi ladies,

DH and I are sort of taking a break from TTC. Who would have thought it would be this hard? I really thought when we started that I would be happily and easily about four months along now... And here we are five months in with one loss and no sticky BFP! (This isn't even a rant post, just a what the heck!?)

So, this month we have just been relaxing, DTD whenever we please. The sane doctor I saw (after the quack... Ugh, I'm still so angry about that appointment!) said that we can TTC again whenever we please. So, no idea when or if I O'd, no OPKs or temping. And I'm glad for the break!

My loss bleeding started on May 28, so I'm counting that as CD 1. I am going to test on June 24 (AF due to start June 25 according to my period tracker app). I initially said I wouldn't test, but if losses are going to recur, I want to be able to track them. I have no Internet cheapies left in the house! I'm going to order some for next cycle.

So that's my update! Sorry if I haven't been around as much.... I still adore the boards and of course, all of you! It's amazing how much of my life this can take up! And it's amazing how much each of you get that!
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