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June 16th, 2013, 08:14 AM
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Beau does almost this exact same thing on a daily basis. We go on lots of walks outside together as a family, but both Beau and Charlie are very strong-minded and always want to be the 'leader' when we are outside exploring the trails together. The rule is that they have to take turns being the leader, but more often than not one or the other of them will throw fits whenever it's the other person's turn. I often end up having to carry Beau long distances. It's quite wearying.

The thing about Beau's tantrums is that once he's started one, he very quickly forgets why he was originally upset and then just screams because he's screaming. He has to have some distraction in order to 'snap out of it.' I've found over time that for him, the thing that works the best as I am carrying is either to sing to him or to start reciting one of his favorite books to him (we have certain books that we've read together so often that I have them memorized!) If I just start whispering or singing softly in his ear, he'll usually calm down and listen. Sometimes we even play the game where I sing the first part of a line, then leave out the last word and let him fill the word in. He really likes that, and he'll stop screaming so that he can concentrate on playing it. But of course, different things work for different babies.

Avery is just a little bit younger than Beau, right? I think that one of the biggest issues for them at this age is just language. They're in the middle of or on the verge of a huge language transition, and they get frustrated easily because they can't express themselves fully. I remember that when Charlie was this same age, he still did throw tantrums, but they were a lot more manageable because his language was more developed and we could usually talk to him and reason with him (at least a little bit). But Beau's language is delayed (even though he's really smart), so he gets super frustrated. We all just do our best to be patient with him until he gets through this phase.

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