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June 16th, 2013, 04:34 PM
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Michelle, it is unthinkable to me not to put my seat belt on as well, but my hubby's family (him, his sister, etc.) seem to do it all the time, and we're the same age and group up in the same city, so I think it is really just a personal thing. The two students who died from t \hat this year at our school, were also drinking though, so bad choices all around.

This weekend we celebrated Amber's birthday. We had a bouncy house for her party. The kids had great fun. Also, we went out with my parents for an early father's day dinner last night and tonight I'm taking dh out for one.

I hate potty training stuff. GL in the next two months. Even though Amber has been like 100% pee trained for a while now, I'm still worried we won't make it for poop training. She is getting better though, just not good yet.

Welcome back Kim.

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