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June 16th, 2013, 05:45 PM
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I'm starting to wonder if maybe Kody has reflux or something. Ethan had it really bad, so it was easy to tell there was something wrong with him. He would spit up a zillion times a day and cry after he spit up. So it was pretty cut and dried. Even so, it took several months and lots of doctor visits for anyone to really listen to us that there was something wrong.

Kody isn't quite as high-maintenance and Ethan was, but he is still proving to be more of a challenge than I was hoping for. I thought maybe I was going to get lucky with Kody since Ethan was so awful for the first year. I thought hey, they say kids are opposites a lot of times...but Kody seems to be fussy just like his brother, I'm afraid. Sleeps about the same as he did, too. I'm starting to think I just make fussy kids! Or maybe there's something wrong with my milk.

Kody is just kind of generally unhappy all the time. He has moments where he's almost quiet for a little while, but mostly he just either fusses or cries. And lately he doesn't seem to want to eat. I mean he is still eating, but he cries about latching on, pops off after let down hits, then cries about getting back on. He is hit and miss with the bottle, too. Sometimes he'll take it great and other times he will fuss about it and spit it out multiple times. I feel like there must be something wrong--or rather I wish there was something wrong so I could fix it and get a happy baby. But that could just be me having wishful thinking.

I know that right now in his age range babies tend to be fussy, but from what I've read, that's mostly an evening thing, where they are extra fussy for a block of time and then they are better the other times. Kody is pretty much unhappy all the time. Sometimes it's worse in the evening, sometimes it's bad first thing in the morning. I just can't figure him out.

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