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June 16th, 2013, 06:37 PM
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haha this post makes me want to cry. i've just been too sleep deprived (and until the last week, too physically weak) to even think about it, but now that i'm starting to have a little more energy (although still exhausted) it just depresses me. i can't remember who said it here (memi, maybe?) and i thought, "yes, that's exactly it!" but my stomach still looks like a (discolored) deflated balloon and has way more fat on it than it ever has in my life. i've lost just over 30 lbs since giving birth (5 weeks ago!)... but that gives me 30 more to go! PLUS i got tons of stretch marks on my low stomach in the last two weeks of pregnancy, and my boobs have them too. i know i just had a baby, but i can't help but hate this!
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