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June 16th, 2013, 08:20 PM
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There are multiple kinds of reflux. Some are more obvious than others.

Honestly, I missed Liam's reflux entirely, my doc is the one who caught it. He was a miserable baby and was very slow to gain weight. But he never spit up much. However, he apparently had other classic signs (that I had no idea to look for) like back arching, constant nursing, gulping in his sleep/quiet times, frequent coughing and hiccups. But he literally never spit up.

Kieran, I was on the look-out for it. And he did have *mild* reflux. Truly, I think he was a high matenience baby with a touch of reflux, we prolly could have handled it without meds. But I, too, just wanted a happy baby and thought it would solve the problem. He grew perfectly fine, spit up only occasionally, but was fussy about nursing and definitely wasn't great at sleeping or entertaining himself. Which sounds a bit like Kody...however, he might have a more severe case. Just looking back, the meds didn't change much.

And now, with Jo, I get asked all the time if she has reflux. She pukes constantly. Literally it seems like her entire meals come up after every feeding. And in between feedings as well. The doc is "keeping an eye on it," meaning making sure she is growing properly (and she seems to be). But she is happy, eats normally and behaves normally after eating (no apparent discomfort). But it does befuddle people how she "can't have reflux." Lol.

I think I would take him to the pedi. And certainly mention that Ethan had it. It is a genetic thing, much more likely among siblings. See if maybe they will even do a trial of medication. It's sad you have to press so hard to get the kids issues attended to. It does sound like Kody is having some discomfort associated with feeding, which is a major sign of reflux. It's worth addressing, for your own sanity!
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