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June 16th, 2013, 08:32 PM
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Sadly...I am in this boat too I dunno what it is this time, but I feel bloated and blah. It's not really the weight, although I basically plateaued completely in the past 3 weeks. It just the feeling of being in a more foreign body. I'll admit, I got super-lucky with my boys. My body didn't change shape or have major issues letting go of the weight. This time, my rib cage is wider, my hips are wider, and I am just holding onto a solid 10lbs right around my belly. I have another 6 in other areas, but it's more spread out, which helps. I feel so uncomfortable in my skin. And I also ended up with a linea nigra. Which is weird, because it wasn't there when I was pregnant! And it popped up about a week afterward!

I am trying to be really gentle with myself, since I don't like being hung up about weight or getting down about it not falling right off. But, it's a struggle when none of my clothes fit and I feel so frumpy in maternity stuff. I did go out and buy two floaty summery dresses to boost my wardrobe and that has helped a bit. At least I can throw them on and feel okay about things
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