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June 16th, 2013, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by EverydayJoy View Post
Hey I was wondering, how does NFP work when you're nursing? From what I understand, nursing can change your CM, so that indicator is out--and it seems like it would blur other indicators too. I'm sure I can just google it but wondered if you BTDT moms had any advice. Seems DH and I are back in the saddle a couple weeks earlier than we planned, lol. And I know that the pull out method is not reliable and EBF isn't 100% foolproof either. I plan to go on the mini pill but my PP check up isn't till the 24th!
NFPInternational has an online book you can register for; "ecological BFeeding" can space babies very well versus 'exclusive' nursing { book will define}; I am sad that you want to go on hormones linked to breast cancer and other health problems; print a chart free + "pull-out" and condoms are what makes NFP less effective; you just chart temps and look for lowering/leveling out of temps associated with the return of clear, wet, stretchy mucus to look for fertility while nursing; we used it while nursing w/o surprises; see the blogs at the site, too; many nursing moms are infertile so you would only be looking for fertility to return and then abstain until temp rise + mucus dry-up = infertile again. Pills often affect milk supply, too/content can be affected; as LLLLeader, we get calls about this, too; try NFP - ask for NFP users at the local Catholic Diocese or a NFP-only doctor office/search engine { some docs=NFP-only} see "NFP:The Complete Approach" book - best wishes and congrats on baby+nursing
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