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June 16th, 2013, 10:40 PM
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Thanks for the input.
Ashlee, that kind of worries me that you said the meds didn't help Kieran much. I'm worried I just have another high-maintenance kid. Ethan, he wouldn't have been high-maintenance, I don't think, if I hadn't have been so gung-ho about EBF that I was unwilling to think it was my milk that was the problem. This time, I'm willing to do whatever works best, be it formula or what have you.
Mrs. B, I hope your meds help Brock. If you're doing Zantac, and they don't seem to be helping, just for the record, Zantac didn't help Ethan, either, or at least it helped very little. Prevacid was what really made the difference (that, and weaning him--my medication was bothering him).

It's hard to tell with Kody, but he does urp up in his throat a lot, and swallows it back down. He rarely actually spits up. He gets the hiccups a lot though. He cries and arches his back at feeding time, just laying him down on my lap and taking the boob out, he will start to cry when he was just fine before (although hungry). He cries harder the more I try to put the nipple in his mouth. Many times I'll have to bounce him up and down on my lap while I'm trying to get him to latch on, in order for him to take it. But then he will surprise me and sometimes feed just fine and so peacefully I'll think I must be imagining things. If he was just hard-and-fast one way, as far as the fussiness, I think it would be easier to say for sure I think he has reflux, but I just don't know.
Today he was cranky/fussy all day and not sleeping well, then after I gave him a dose of Colic Calm he has been sleeping for an hour and a half. Makes me think it must have been something with his tummy or digestive system.

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