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June 17th, 2013, 12:21 AM
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There really are not many console games I am looking forward to, and honestly we are debating on not even getting one of the new consoles, since all our XBOX 360 has been used for in the last year or so is Netflix.

However there are quite a few PC games I am looking forward to, mainly Sims 4! And Dragon Age 3 (long wait for that one!), and possibly the Elder Scrolls Online. I am a huge MMORPG fan, pretty much played every MMO that has come out since Everquest 1.

I did consider getting a 3DS actually, mostly for the Zelda game, but have used my DS and PSP so little I am not sure I can justify it with a baby on the way.

Right now hubby and I play League of Legends a few nights a week, and I have been playing Rift again and checking out Neverwinter Online. It's been interesting reading the E3 news this year though!
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