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June 17th, 2013, 12:34 AM
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Hello my name is Liz and I have two beautiful children! Recently my hubby and I have decided to have number 3. It barely took any effort to get pregnant with my last two, longest it took was 1 month with my second child to conceive him. However, after having my son my body went from a VERY regular 28 day period cycle (would ovulate 1 week after period) to now ranging anywhere from 30 to 33 days. In fact it wasn't until April I started tracking my cycle (before I didn't because we weren't trying). I only knew when I was going to start my period by the cramps.. they would get really strong and intense with in less than a day and I would know I was going to start. April 27th was the first day of my period which lasted about 5 days (first two days being heavy bleeding, last days really light). I then had my period again on May 30th (first day) and again lasted about 5 days. I downloaded a period/ovulation calculator and it says I should ovulate the 16th of June but that my fertile week was just this last week from: June 11th to June 16th (according to my calculator it says I'm supposed to start my period again July 2nd). My husband and I had sex June 11th, 13th and the 16th.. however on the 16th it was really sensitive, like my cervix normally doesn't bother me one bit but tonight it was like hitting a nerve! Could that be from me about to or have ovulated? The biggest problem I'm having is going from a set 28 day cycle to now 30+ and not really knowing when I'm ovulating. Are those calendars pretty close? I've tried other ones and they all say the same thing.

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