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June 17th, 2013, 06:11 AM
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Originally Posted by JaeSung View Post
I was diagnosed as having had a missed miscarriage. But when it all came out, there was bleeding. I'm confused on how it's possible to miscarry without bleeding.
From what I could remember from your other posts though, you did have medical help to expel everything, right?

See, a 'missed miscarriage' basically means that your body just doesn't register that it's supposed to miscarry on its' own and so in turn, it still thinks it's pregnant and therefore there is no bleeding. Hence the name 'missed' miscarriage. Your body totally missed the signals of miscarriage. Anyway, with a 'missed miscarriage' you have to have some sort of medical intervention, whether it be pills to start the miscarriage (which I believe you, JaeSung, took, right?) or even a D&C if the 'pregnancy' has gone too long, which was what happened in my case actually. Hope that helps clear that up for you!!! In a natural miscarriage, your body miscarries and expels everything on it's own without the need for medical assistance. This is why a lot of women actually miscarry very early on and don't even know they were pregnant. They just assume it's their period.

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