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June 17th, 2013, 08:19 AM
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I'm getting concerned and stressed out. All of my OPK's have been negative so far. I started testing on CD10. I am using Walgreen's off brand, and the directions say to test with FMU. Because I've always heard not to use FMU, I've been testing once with FMU and once at night. My darkest OPK was the FMU on CD10. It wasn't positive though. Since then, they have all been negative. My OPK's at night are usually very light, and the OPK's int he morning are usually about the same darkness as the morning before.

I had EWCM (very clear & stretchy, 3-4 inches) yesterday on CD12. This morning I've had some little pinches and twinges on my right side, which is the side I should ovulate on this cycle. I'm just getting stressed out by this. I know I'm fertile, as I have a daughter. I'm wondering if OPK's are for me. They just seem to be adding stress right now. Could I have missed my LH surge? I did my first SMU OPK this morning and it was also negative. UUGGHHHHH. Please help
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