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June 17th, 2013, 10:16 AM
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When I said "worthless", I meant in terms of nutrition. It has no nutritional value, therefore I do not give it to my kids. If reflux was an issue, I might consider that before trying meds...but otherwise it is not a part of our routine.

Also, btw, all solids before 1 year are for "practice". My pediatrician always said "foods before one are just for fun", and not to even really worry about how much they ate, etc. and to give them a wide variety of things because some time after a year they start to get picky and if they didn't try it early, they are much more resistant. My son and daughter both - by choice - ate way less solids than their peers until about 12 months, when they sudden showed more interest. Formula (son) and breastmilk (daughter) made up the majority of their diets until about a year. I got some flack for that, but what the heck am I supposed to do...force feed them solids?

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