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June 17th, 2013, 10:57 AM
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I do count, but I haven't read 123 Magic. I'd like to. My issue is, DH and I are on very different pages when it comes to discipline. I tend to find the root of the issue and focus on that. He doesn't care what the root is, he just expects the kids to listen. We are trying to get on the same page, though. I'm also pretty big on natural consquences. Yesterday we were in the car. We had the radio on (DD loves the radio!). We pulled over on the side of the expressway, so DH and I could swap and I could drive (he was getting tired). The music got turned down, so we could focus in switching and getting back on the road safely. DD immediately asked for it to be turned up, and I aksed her to hold on for a moment until we got going again. She immediately started whining and repeatedly asking for the music to be turned up. Therefore, we just turned it off instead. It was an immediate and logical punishment.

We started attempting to do punishments like that as often as possible because we were noticing that when we sent them to their rooms or had more arbitry punishment they often couldn't tell us WHY they were being punished when we asked. We do have a time out chair in the kitchen that we use when there isn't a clear logical natural consequence.
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