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June 17th, 2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by EverydayJoy View Post
He gets the hiccups a lot though. He cries and arches his back at feeding time, just laying him down on my lap and taking the boob out, he will start to cry when he was just fine before (although hungry). He cries harder the more I try to put the nipple in his mouth. Many times I'll have to bounce him up and down on my lap while I'm trying to get him to latch on, in order for him to take it. But then he will surprise me and sometimes feed just fine and so peacefully I'll think I must be imagining things.
yessss this is exactly what misha does-- it's infuriating! this morning he ate sooo peacefully for 30 minutes, like he does it all the time! why can't you always eat like that, baby?!

i went off dairy to see if it helps anything (because it was a massive part of my diet). it's hard to tell if there's any change yet, but generally you're supposed to give it about a month (it's been 10 days).
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