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June 17th, 2013, 01:05 PM
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Hi everyone

I am expecting my first child with my husband in a month and need some suggestions!
We do know the sex of the baby.
His name is Jose and we are open to something similiar for a boy, but do not want a junior. We have come up with Joseph Anthony but now as the date gets closer, I think maybe too many people have the name Anthony in one way or another! What do you think? Can you offer any other suggestions?
As for a girl, my mom watches a show called "Vikings" and one of the characters is named Thyri (pronounced "theory"). I love that paired with Noelle as a middle name; however, i don't like how thyri is spelled and I can't come up with an alternate spelling. Can someone help me? If you give other suggestions, just an FYI that I am not interested in common names like Emily or Olivia and I also do not like the old-fashioned name trend that has been going on (Charlotte, Ava, Grace, etc). please help!
Thank you, Erin
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