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June 17th, 2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by mom2aidan View Post
I confess many things......I hate getting up every 2-3hrs at night and dh sleeping through everything yet he yawns more than I do during the day. I hate dh playing games on his comp and phone every day and not helping. I hate this postpartum bleeding totally not fun or cool.....

I also confess that I wish my son did more than eat sleep and poo lol...I love looking at his eyes but can't do that when they're closed all the time.
Also that I've changed 95% of the diapers....

I confess I NEED.....WANT a break-
At least your son is already here and healthy. And unfortunately lots of moms don't get help with their babies not even from the dads. And moms to newborns don't get breaks lol. Suck it up girl! There are those of us that are anxiously waiting the every two hour feedings and the fifty billion diaper changes. And sorry but all babies do is eat/sleep/ and poo lol

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