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June 17th, 2013, 01:41 PM
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Hi everyone, I am new to these forums, and this is my very first pregnancy. I am four weeks pregnant with my first appointment set up for June 27th, but my allergies are really bad right now. I stopped taking my Claritin Reditabs the moment I found out I was expecting, but my allergies are getting so bad I can hardly sleep. Can I take Claritin Reditabs (the ones that dissolve in your mouth) or is there a safe alternative for an allergy pill?

Also, I have some moderate arthritis in my lower back along with a nerve problem, if it safe to use a heating pad on my lower back or is that a no no now that I am pregnant? Any alternatives to helping with the pain?

I actually have one more question about prenatal vitamins...has anyone tried the Fem Med pregnancy + ginger prenatal before? Right now I am taking Vitafusion gummies, but am concerned they may not be enough.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my questions, I look forward to being a member here and getting to know everyone
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