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June 17th, 2013, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Mom2Lillie&Aidan View Post
Wow I am in a very similar situation to that and yet I don't come in here and complain about every little thing.. Imagine that. On top of the fact that I also take care of a toddler.. Hmm.. Just sayin...
Wow! Way to be supportive! I am a first time mom and one of my biggest fears is that hubby will not help me and I will be left to do this on my own. I also have to go back to work full time shortly after and am beyond scared of balancing that and I hate the idea of someone else raising my child, but I have no choice. People could say you have no right to complain about anything because you get to stay at home with your babies. Of course I am looking forward to having a baby and I know what I am getting myself in to, but we are human beings!

This board is supposed to be about support. I would be extremely upset as well if I was in her situation. The title of this thread was confessions, you have to expect that moms get frustrated at times. We all have complaints no matter our situation, and who better to try and connect with and get a little understanding from than other moms.
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