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June 17th, 2013, 03:56 PM
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I opened a 529 plan with my state the day that we received his social security card. I'm a HUGE saver (read: miser ) and want to instill the same traits in him. He also has an orange piggy bank that we put money in and everyone who visits drops some coins in there for him. When he is old enough I'm going to show him how to use the piggy bank and later open a little savings account for him to put some of his allowance into it.

My mother did the same thing for us growing up with the savings account and our allowance and it was great. Every few months she would let us withdraw a part of it to go do what we called "Big toy store day".. It helped us see that we could buy way more or a way bigger toy if we saved extra money to put towards what my mother was giving us to spend.

It worked like a charm because we are all big savers and crazy about our credit score being high(But the credit score is a WHOLE other crazy mom story *lol*)
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