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June 17th, 2013, 05:09 PM
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I would email him back nicely or ignore him completely. If he persists I would keep all copies of the emails and CC them with any responses to him to HR or your manager.

Years ago when DH and I first got married, we worked at the same office but in different departments. I was in Accounting and DH was in IT. There was a manager that was over DH's department that became "smitten" with me I guess you could say and made me very uncomfortable. One night he saw me in my office working late and came in with high hopes of something inappropriate and even told me if I did not do stuff with him he would get DH fired. I immediately called my manager and the director of HR for a meeting. NEEDLESS to say I was the first person to stand up to the creep. Many others came forward afterwards and stated they had been harassed and that their jobs were "put on the line" because of him. I had kept all copies of his emails to me to have some proof in case people were going to say I was lying or something. He was a well-liked guy but he was WAY to inappropriate for me and if you even come close to harming or put my DH's career in a bad place.. this girl will turn from sweet to B**** in a hot second. He was immediately fired and all was well at work. There were rumors I made it up at first but later when others came forward.. I think the company was afraid there would a lawsuit on their hands if he was not fired or they condoned what he had been doing.

I know this is a bit more than your situation right now, but you never know when it can escalate.... Thinking of you
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