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June 17th, 2013, 06:26 PM
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This is the first time in almost 13 years together where we have had a fight or he walked out and I have not cried. I do not feel a bit of love towards him at all. My love literally instantly died and that says a lot because I always had such strong feelings for him. I feel so burned and I feel so disgusted by his selfish ways. How dare he use the excuse about not being able to afford another child after all the splurging he has done lately. His excuse is that material items at least you can sell if you need the money back but a child you can not just get rid of when money gets tight. OMG I am so furious with him. I am not answering any of his calls or emails. I already know he does not want to loose me but I can't take his selfish ways anymore. How dare he buy everything he wants that is important to him than tell me I can never have another child after he has been telling me we would for 4 years. I am totally going out with other men this summer and moving on if I meet someone I like. He is going to regret this so much I know him.

and this is not just all about having a baby either. How can I be with someone who I can never believe the things they tell me and who is so selfish with our money. He seriously took all our money, about $10,000 because it was in his bank account, when I asked for some told me no and now I am left with a poverty level monthly income.

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